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Should you write your own employee handbook?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

As you are trying to get your business up and running, you might be overwhelmed by everything you have to do. Although you might spend a lot of your time focusing on things like branding and marketing, supply chain securement, and location obtainment, you cannot overlook the importance of securing staff and protecting yourself in all personnel matters.

The importance of an employee handbook

This is a where an employee handbook can prove beneficial. This document provides employees with information on company policies, practices, and its mission, vision, and values. Therefore, it helps to provide consistency among your employees’ work contributions. But it can also protect you by putting employees on notice of the rules, legalities, and work expectations.

Can you write your own handbook?

Technically, yes. But I would not advise it. A lot of DIY employee handbook writing resources include boilerplate language that does not provide you with much protection. Also, a lot of people who write their own handbooks miss a lot of important points. Here are just a few things that a well-crafted employee handbook will be sure to address:

  • At-will employment
  • Discrimination and harassment policies
  • Indications that retaliation will not be taken for reporting wrongdoing of any kind
  • Technology use restrictions
  • Information pertaining to certain leaves, such as the Family Medical Leave Act
  • Attendance expectations
  • Disciplinary actions

Again, these are just some of the major areas that you will want to make sure that your employee handbook covers. If you miss something, you may have to deal with a bigger issue later on.

Do you need guidance in setting up your business?

Even the most prepared entrepreneurs can overlook a key aspect of their business formation and planning. That is why a lot of them choose to work closely with an attorney who is adept in this area of the law. These legal professionals can help provide the thorough assessment that is often needed to ensure that a business gets off the ground successfully.

Do you need that type of assistance? If so, you may want to start researching which law firm is able to help you the most.